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Annoying pop up ads are in the past, subtle push notifications are the now. Customers can subscribe to your website and receive notifications of new products, offers, services or even just a welcome message to say hello-they don’t even need to be on your website. Create sleek marketing campaigns that can be scheduled at a time when you know your customers are most active and receive powerful data on which ads get the most clicks.

Reaching out with our marketing message in the digital age is getting more difficult with every passing day.  Email is OK at best with deliverability issues and problems in getting your email opened amidst the sea of other commercial mailings in the average mailbox.  Ad blindness is a real thing in the on-line world with many visitors choosing to ignore them completely.  One area that is bucking the trend is Mobile Push Notifications.

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Website Push Notifications icons

It is likely that most of us are aware of push notification on our mobile devices from the various apps we have downloaded to our phones or tablets. Whether from a shopping app or notifications from our kids’ school the notifications are an excellent way to engage in a meaningful way with your audience.

Mobile app development can be pretty daunting, particularly as you need to target users across numerous devices and operating systems.  There is a certain level of knowledge and expertise required to create multiple native apps that can test the budget of all but the largest of brands.

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As always at Welland we bring our expertise to bear on solving problems that our clients experience!  So what if we can provide the benefits of push notifications to website visitors directly on their devices outside of an app?  Imagine knowing that your message can be delivered directly in real time to your users? No SPAM complaints and a delivery and engagement rate that makes your email campaigns look amateur.

Website Push Notifications

Web push notifications are messages that can be sent from your website. Website visitors get them on their desktop computers or mobile devices even when the website is not open in your browser.

It actually represents an exciting new marketing channel to allow engagement with website visitors without having their email address or other contact details.

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Why Use Website Push Notifications?

Website push notifications are different to other digital marketing channels we may think of such as Email, Social Media, SMS and Mobile Apps.  Website push is different from Mobile push in that it is not limited to mobiles and tablets but covers browsers regardless of the device being used.

As of September 2016 StatCounter reports that in the UK desktops account for 53% of web usage.  Website push notifications gives you the chance to reach these people in addition to mobile users.

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Just like native mobile apps, web site notifications work the same as mobile push without the expense of creating multiple apps for every native operating system.  In 2016 around 77% of browsers by market share support push technology allowing massive reach to potential customers.

Creating effective and quality native mobile apps is an expensive business beyond the reach of many businesses that could not justify the ROI.

Benefits Include

  • You can reach people who are interested in your business even when they are not on your website.
  • You do not need their contact details to involve them in your conversations or promotions.
  • Higher opt-in rates than traditional email opt ins, mainly because users do not need to share their contact information and can easily opt out if notifications become obtrusive or annoying.
  • Evidence suggests that less than 10% of subscribers opt out over the period of a year.
  • Assured Content delivery. The instant the message is sent, it is delivered immediately.
  • Research has suggested the conversion rate of Push is over 30 times that of email.

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There is still a case to be made for using email, social media and creating native mobile apps but Website push notifications are a great way to reach out to your audience with content geared specifically towards them that will convert.

Are you a school?  Send important admin notifications to parents or reach out to potential parents with Open day or other event notifications. By segmenting your audience, you can issue only pertinent notifications to selected users.

Are you a retailer or ecommerce business?  The uses for this is unlimited, imagine being able to target users with offers specific to their activity.

Interested? Find out more about what this could mean for your business, get in touch to discuss the possibilities 01733 309666 or contact us via the Welland Creative website


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