SEO in 10 minutes, Quick & Easy Steps to Better Search Rankings

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SEO is complex but there are basics steps and building blocks that can be completed quickly and easily without technical know how by anyone with access to edit a website. Here are some quick and easy changes for better search rankings immediately that can be made today.

Easy SEO Steps you can take yourself

Search Engine Optimisation!  Everyone has something to say about it, there is more misinformation banded around about this subject than just about anything I can think of.  I have been involved in SEO since my very first website in 1999 and there are still plenty of people who seem to think stuffing keywords into a meta tag is what SEO is all about.

These days SEO is really a multi-disciplined approach to gaining visibility for a web presence from as many channels as possible.  It is not just about search engines anymore; it is about:

  • Search Engines
  • Social Media
  • Distributed Content
  • Referrals
  • And More

Not every business has the resources or budget to outsource SEO to an experienced agency.  This quick guide outlines simple steps that any website owner can take to position themselves as best they can without any particular technical expertise or SEO experience.  By its nature this list is not comprehensive but it will get your site in a comfortable place to get traffic from search engines.

SEO in 10 minutes

Technical SEO (don’t be scared – I’ll be gentle).

Technical SEO really just means optimising your website so that search engines can crawl your content effectively, giving it the best chance to rank and attract visitors.  It is probably the factor most overlooked and ignored, even by SEO companies.  It is logical that if a search engine cannot crawl and understand your site, it will not rank it.  The basics are…

Indexing and Accessibility

Ensure crawlers are not blocked from your site.  Want to find out – simply go to Google™ and search for “site”  If you don’t see anything, your site is not indexed.  That is a problem, contact us or your web developer and fix this! >> If you have this problem, contact us or your web developer to fix this!  If the number of pages looks about right, then you are good to go.

SEO in 10 Minutes - Site Search Operator use in Google to check index status

Page Speed

Google™ in particular are obsessed by this so it is really important for search results.  Perhaps more importantly web users consistently cite slow loading pages as a huge turn off, with many leaving sites before they load.  This seriously affects how search engines view your site and they have publicly stated that faster sites receive better rankings.

Page speed test results - an important SEO factor

Be Mobile Friendly

People on tablets and mobiles will look and spend money and Google™ will give you a rankings boost, particularly in mobile search results.  If you are not mobile friendly you are likely not to show at all in mobile search results!

If your website is not mobile friendly – Why not?  It is almost 2017 for goodness sake!  There really is no excuse, talk to us at Welland Creative or your chosen web developer and get with the programme.

mobile friendly test results for SEO showing an badly configured site

“On page SEO”

As the subject suggests these are actions you can take on your website to help search engines understand what your website is about.  The steps outlined should be accessible to anyone with basic access to their website using a content management system.

Keyword Topic

Make your page about something!  Think about the purpose of your page and stick to the point.  Make it easy for search engines to realise what topic your page is about.

Write a Meta Title.

A meta title is what appears in the browser tab and should describe the content of your page and ideally contain a keyword or two.  Write it in a natural way that describes your page content, do not try to stuff keywords into it.  Most content management systems will allow access to the meta title or they will use the page name as the title.  Either way, write a descriptive title, it is important to search engines!

Write a Meta Description

This element has no search engine value; however, it is what a potential visitor sees under your results.  Make it as compelling as you can in 160 characters, you want a visitor to feel like they NEED to click!

Seo based Meta Title and Description and where they appear in results

Use Header Tags

While search engine algorithms are really advanced and exceptionally intelligent in some ways, you should treat them as if they were completely dumb.  Users scan a page looking for headlines and subtitles to guide them as to whether the written content below is of use to them, how should you know?  Search engines do the exact same thing, only we need to let them know where the headings and subtitles are.  Most CMS’s allow you to mark up the text input in this way by selecting a “heading 1” or “heading 2” or other attribute directly from the content input area.  The screenshot shows a typical arrangement.

example image showing typical header tags being implemented in a CMS

Image Alt Tags

Have you ever hovered over an image with your mouse, and then seen a small box appear with text describing the image? The you’ve seen an Alt Tag. These tags improve the user experience, making it easier for people to see what’s in a picture, and displaying this text when images are not loading.

example image of a website using alt tags

Search engines use these as a reference to understand the relationship between the image and the content.  Not all content management systems allow you access to the alt tag but if yours does, use it.

Page Content

Do me a favour, spell check and proof read your content and make sure it makes sense.  Nothing sends a potential customer running quicker than a mass of spelling and grammar mistakes.

All of the “on page” steps mentioned above should contain a phrase or keyword that you would hope to rank for in search engines.  However, do not be a slave to this, just ensure that between all of these above it is obvious what your page is about and you will have done a great job.

“Off-site” SEO

Just because you have a website with optimised content that a search engine can access does not mean you will have a flood of visitors beating a path to your door.  You really need to ensure the world knows how amazing you are.  Promote your website whenever you can.

Social Media

Share your content, if you sell products, share offers or review a product and share it with your audience.  Take it one step further, offer them an incentive for sharing your news with their audience!  The same is true for events or services, create a reason for people to engage.

Social media outreach - signposts with social media messages.

Distribute Content

Selling a product? Get someone to review it on their site or talk about an offer you have.  Likewise, if you are providing a service, encourage previous customers to review or write about your service online.  Offer incentives if need be.  Got something even remotely newsworthy? Let people know, write basic press releases and once again share via social media, forums and anywhere you work online.

SEO in 10 minutes, Link Building - Green button indicating go for SEO

Link Building

Basically do more of the above and reach out to suppliers, partners and customers.  Look for opportunities to gain a link from their website to yours.  It likely makes sense for them to provide a link to your website homepage or a specific page on your site.  I’m not suggesting any kind of reciprocal linking scheme, just that where it makes sense ask your associates to link to you.


One of the quick & easy steps to better search rankings is to use directories specific to your location and market sector, directories can be a good source of traffic particularly in the service sector or education.  If someone is likely to look for the “best service name in location” or similar, then there is likely a directory catering to that.  Make sure you are listed in the best local and market relevant directories in your space even if some require payment however there is usually a free listing option.

That is SEO in 10 minutes!

In the few minutes it has taken to read this you have the building blocks to get your business noticed online.  None of the suggestions are particularly onerous to implement and will result in more traffic and better search engine rankings for your website.

One thing everyone agrees on is that a truly successful SEO campaign requires a whole lot more. Including technical SEO, traffic analysis, conversion rate optimisation, in depth user experience, auditing and much more.  However, if the resources are not available, which is the case for many small businesses, then taking 10 minutes to read this and a little longer in applying the advice given will provide you with a good basis for search engines to rank you in relevant searches.

Welland have been providing outstanding bespoke SEO services to clients with remarkable success and return on investments.  Interested in working with us then go here or call 01733 309666 to contact us.  Alternatively you can request a no obligation review of your online marketing potential and current status by visiting our Small Business Centre.

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