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Email marketing can be hit and miss. How do you know if your campaigns are performing well or not, how do they compare to others? Here is a chance to take a peek at the benchmarks for the retail and e-commerce sectors. How do your results compare to a wide range of users in these fields.

Improve Email Marketing for Online Shopping

This week SendGrid, the email marketing company, released some interesting data that is useful for companies in the in the e-commerce and retail sector.

Just for reference, when asked what the difference was between retail and e-commerce the answer was that “e-commerce was considered generally for digital products and online only services whereas retail took in everything else including a high street presence”.  This data relies on the customer selecting which category their business is in so the categories are pretty flexible in the interpretation of the data.  Still there is a marked difference between the sectors and it may be interesting to see where your engagement data lies in comparison.

Retail Email Marketing Data

retail email marrketing data visualisation

Retail had the highest click to open rate of all the markets tested at 30.3%.

With a high Open Rate of 43.8% and a steady send rate of just under 5 emails per month it seems that the audience for these messages are pretty well engaged.

An even split of male/female recipients doesn’t give much away but with 64% opening on a mobile device it is important that your emails are responsive to all screens.

Ecommerce Email Marketing Data

E-commerce has the highest send rate with on average more than 18 emails per month, compare that to open rate of just 12.3% and the click rate of 4.3% and it points to low engagement, certainly by comparison to the retail figures mentioned previously.   Are you sending 18 or more emails per month and getting low engagement rates?  Consider testing a reduced amount of emails and measure improvements in click and open rates.

The gender split is more pronounced in this sector with 61% female and once again people seem to be more inclined to open emails on mobile devices with 59% doing so compared to 41% on desktop.  With the Female bias in recipients it might be a good idea to segment your lists and tailor your content and offers to suit each segment.

As with everything nowadays the mobile sector is outstripping desktop users.  If your emails are not being sent responsively then you need to re consider that as a priority.

Ecommerce Email Marketing Data As with all email marketing it is useful if you provide recipients with an email preference centre so you can start segmenting your email lists to provide better, more targeted messages to avoid subscriptions through message fatigue.  How do your campaigns stack up in comparison to these benchmarks?

Want some different industry benchmarks?  Leave a comment below or via social media to leave your request.

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Data Source: Sendgrid 2016 Global Email Benchmark Report


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